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Manan Mehta (Amazon USA) @ 4th March 2019 14:42:05

Do you frequently get injuries and want to sort it out? Are you looking at getting faster? Are you looking at improving your running technique? This book has all the answers to the questions above. I got to know about Keith from one of the coach who I was consulting while I was suffering from injuries in the past. I have known Keith and Heidi (authors) for some time now. Apart from being famous and many other good stuff that I can go on about them for hours, they are extremely passionate about running and are super genuine about their recommendations and feedback. If you follow their instructions, results will be visible. They have lots of recommendations and suggestions, dedicated videos for the exercises recommended in the book. If all of that is not enough to entice you, they even have a super friendly Facebook group for book owners where people advice and help each other progress. I call it, being a part of Older Yet Faster family. Go get your copy now. Note: There are no short cuts, please do not buy this book if you are expecting miracles in a short time. You will have to read the entire book and follow their suggestions.

Pragnesh (Amazon India) @ 27th February 2019 00:00:00

Best Book to Correct & Enjoy your Running !!! First of all thank you to Thomas Bobby Philip, from whom i come to know about Keith Bateman, who is a running coach & holding various state records against his name. Keith & his wife Heidi (Podiatrist) published "Older Yet Faster" second edition recently, so i just latched on to it as soon as it was available in India through amazon/pothi. The book had everything what you need to know about your injuries related to Running & how to fix them by strengthening exercises. It also covers up about shoes, running drills, strength exercises. The most crucial thing is you get to see all the lessons of book via video on the website, so you always go back & forth to know how to do it correctly. They are also running OYF group where runners can ask their questions, post videos and get analysis of how they progress during this transition from highly cushioned shoes to minimalist/barefoot. I would recommend the book to all runners to utilize the experience of more than 80 years combined from Keith & Heidi. Simply amazing.

Colt 149 (Amazon USA) @ 27th February 2019 00:00:00

A Must Book of Any Runner. I started running on 2014. Completed several 5ks,10ks and Half Marathon. I suffered injuries due to heel striking. I started to transition to minimal. Until I learned about this book, it's focus on good efficient ,injury free running form.

Whiley (Amazon USA) @ 26th February 2019 00:00:00

Most effective way to learn to run well. I highly recommend this book for the following reasons: I've been running in a more natural way for many years having discovered Chi running in 2009. I found this very helpful and my form drastically improved. I even did a workshop with Chi running. However, I've found Keith and Heidi's exercises and their philosophy contained in this book to be more effective in teaching correct running style, and on top of that they help you strengthen weak areas and give you methods to rehabilitate common injuries. My running form has improved again since using this book for the last 6 months. But Keith's free Facebook group and the videos on their website that come with the book really make this a no brainer. The ongoing support is unmatched in my experience. Do yourself a favor, if you want to improve your running or get rid of aches and pains from running, get this book.

James O'Donovan (Anazon UK) @ 26th February 2019 00:00:00

It really works. In a world full of fads, quick fixes, and people cashing in on what's fashionable, it's rare to find a book that's honest, effective and does exactly what it claims. With years of personal experience from both authors and feedback from 100's of clients coached by Keith all condensed into an easy to follow program to help you recover from all the common injuries runners encounter. Then there is the foot strengthening exercises to prepare you for running with correct form. These exercises were created by the co author Heidi who has a wealth knowledge and experience helping patients and runners strengthen and fix their feet, in her role as a podiatrist. These are all easy to follow with concise instructions and diagrams to follow. You will see and feel a change in your feet within the first week. You will become more aware of how neglected and underused the muscles in you feet have been. Then there's the lessons themselves. Simple, easy to follow and understand , they will teach you the common pitfalls most runners encounter and show you how to rectify. Years and years of trail and error and feedback have gone into these exercises (and the whole book) to make them simple yet effective. All you need to bring with you is commitment. Sold? Hang on, there's more, much more. Not only do you get a wealth of knowledge gained over years of running and fixing patients - there is a bank of videos online with every exercise and lesson to watch over. Not sure if you're doing it right?, watch the video, pause it, watch it again. It's all demonstrated and talked through so you will get it right. Still not sure? There's more - to help you with every step of your transition you will be supported my the online group which is growing daily. Everyone is at different stages of correcting their form and they will offer you feedback, constructive criticism, advice and tips to help you achieve everything being taught. You really are getting so much more than you pay for and it works. Since buying the book it has helped me fix my Achilles, visibly strengthen my feet, recognise what I'm doing wrong when running and begin the road to correcting it. I'm engaging the muscles I should be using and have started to feel the speed benefits of running with good form, and I am only in the early stages. This isn't my purchase of the year, it's my purchase of the decade.

Amazon USA customer @ 25th February 2019 00:00:00

Highly recommended. I ordered this book because I found Keith and Heidi through Facebook. I'm a mid 50's runner who has BQ'd several times and ran it in 2012. Three foot surgeries later, I'm trying to make a comeback but have terrible posterior tibialis tendon pain. After one week of following their lead, I already feel better. I highly recommend this book!

Mark B (Amazon UK) @ 3rd February 2019 00:00:00

Best book on running technique by far. OYF Review - I purchased a cheap 1st edition kindle version of this book about a year ago which I believe was first published about 4 years earlier. I started following the recommendations in the book and definitely improved my running technique and speed. I was so impressed, I purchased the 2nd edition as soon as it was available. The 2nd edition isn't a simple 'more ways to run faster...', but is a careful reworking of the original with the authors considering each chapter and asking themselves (and others) 'how can we make this better, clearer...?'. The result is an absolute triumph! With clearer instructions, better illustrations and even more good advice on technique, it leaves the reader/runner with no doubts about the techniques they are explaining. As well as chapters on building good technique, there are exercises for strengthening, advice on managing your transition, injury recovery advice, information on running shoes and much more. They have also recorded a new set of high quality videos that are available to those who have bought the book, demonstrating the techniques, drills and exercises featured in the book. There is even a Facebook group to help and support the readers/runners, and the authors regularly contribute and respond to questions. The 2nd edition really has take this book to a whole new level, I'd highly recommend it.

Marty Doak @ 22nd January 2019 15:33:36

Everything you need to know about how to run well and the steps on how to get there. I borrowed the fist edition off my brother in-law and never gave it back. The second edition I bought as soon as it was released.

Eagleowl (Amazon UK) @ 29th November 2018 00:00:00

Essential read for runners This is an essential read for anyone wishing to improve their running style or recover from running injuries. Keith and Heidi passionately believe that barefoot (or zero drop shoes) are key to good injury free running style. I started Heidi's foot exercises and noticed a difference within days. My feet and legs were less tired than normal after a full day sightseeing. I will be continuing the exercises and will start to look at Keith's drills to improve my running style.

Jack A Rowe (Amazon UK) @ 26th November 2018 00:00:00

A brilliant running book, added the B/W edition to my kindle version, epic!!!!<p> Update: After purchasing the kindle version of this book, Keith and Heidi produced a new edition of the book which has a lower price tag than the book with colour illustrations. Needless to say I snapped this up. I am extremely happy with the new book which is a more convenient format than kindle for me. I can append, highlight and bookmark all over this baby! I believe that Heidi and Keith have made added significantly to running literature in producing this book. It is chock full of common sense exercises, drills and techniques to help you on the road to healthy, safe, fast and less injury prone running. ---Previous review--- This is an absolute must read book for runners who want to learn how to run the way that humans evolved to run! I have been running for around 4 years, made the transition to barefoot/minimalist about two years ago. Generally, most of the advice out there for barefoot and minimalist technique emphasises the fun/wellness and general injury prevention aspects. This book addresses this very well but importantly the teachings and drills enable performance improvements, following the lessons will not sacrifice performance. After being a member of Keith and Heidi's facebook group for a couple of years I wanted to have the information they share on that group all in one place. The book is brilliant, my technique and times have improved amazingly just employing the simple steps suggested in this brilliant book. Other reviewers have stated about the incredibly helpful videos on the site that you gain access to by purchasing the book.

John Shaw @ 8th July 2015 07:55:50

What have you got to lose by buying this book? Well for me it was 20 seconds off my 4.30 endurance pace simply by adopting it's simple technique change, This change also helped me run a sub 2.50 at the recent Gold Coast Marathon. Considering I am 62 (older than Keith) and have only been a runner for less than 3 years you can definitely take my word for it that it will be money well spent.

Etienne @ 20th January 2015 11:23:54

I think this is the best money I have ever spent on anything training related, what a great book. It has made a huge difference to my running. I was injured with shin splints and was able to rebuild my technique on my return to running using Keiths technique. I am now looking forward to many years of injury free running. Thanks Keith & Heidi.

Ian Fischer @ 30th December 2014 15:53:25

Absolutely Fantastic Book. Profoundly simple in theory and application. With my professional background in sports rehabilitation and a long association with distance running, I will be recommending this book to all of my clients as "The Must Read Book on Running" in 2015.

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