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Perhaps you can join a local group in your area to run, socialise and practice technique - there is one local group so far: Coogee, NSW, Australia (meets Sunday 7:30am)

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Book updates

In line with our constant review process ...

  • November 2018 Correction to EXERCISE 9.5 added word
    You need to (do)
  • February 2019 Corrected spelling on BACK COVER
  • February 2019 Future edit - page 2 and Heidi's 'About the Authors' - clarification
    "Actually they are over-striding whenever their foot does not land under their hips" - this is clarified in the following pages but since it is actually impossible to land your foot under your hips when moving, we will word this better in the next update. Perhaps something like this: "Actually they are over-striding whenever their foot presses too much on the ground in front of their hips".
  • February 2019 - Future edits - EXERCISE 9.4 and Quarter-knee squat - more emphasis
    Readers appear not to be heeding the advice that when stationary and while running slowly the heel should make firm contact with the ground. We plan to emphasise this in EXERCISE 9.4 and EXERCISE 9.5 as clients won't otherwise get a good rebound, and also in Heidi's Quarter-knee squat as otherwise the glutes will not fully engage. We need to emphasise that it is not a jump (off the toes) but largely a bounce (off the whole foot, using the elasticity of the legs and feet).
  • February 2019 - Future edits - Vertical Oscillation - further clarification.
    Add "What you need is the optimal amount of height off the ground. This should come naturally with a balanced landing, and will vary according to your speed, skill and fitness."

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