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New Edition News

(22 Jan 2018)

The new edition is now expected in March - a slight delay due to busy editors. The editing process is going very well. The videos of Heidi's Strengthening and Rehabilitation program are all finished and uploaded ready for readers to view. Keith's lessons are next and we have a number of promotional videos too - on Running Technique and Podiatry too.

Reader Experiences

Your technique-change journey

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We encourage our readers to write a story or blog about their running transformation - the ups and the downs, the mistakes, the 'eureaka' moments. This helps everyone to improve and learn from everyone else's mistakes. That includes us, the authors

Email us your story or a link to your blog via the Contact us page and we'll add your story below:


David Blackman, Southampton AC, UK

We met David at a track session in Southampton in June 2015. For David, big improvements started to happen after 15 months:

“Four days after my 50th birthday, and 15 months after starting the Bateman/Jones journey, I equalled my 5km PB/PR from almost 10 years earlier (16:37). In the same month, I also ran within 20 seconds of my 10 mile PB/PR (58:04), which I set in 1990 at the age of 23.”


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Chris Ripon @ 24th November 2017 14:19:33

It seems to be one of those things that are bit like learning to drive, one day you think you've got it in the next day you haven't. Eventually the good days become more frequent as you get stronger and your body adapts.

The eureka moment came for me when I suddenly realised that to accelerate, I needed to tilt and then come back to the vertically aligned position and maintain the pace, and to keep adjusting to that balanced low effort position and repeat.

One thing I have noticed though is that my legs are sore in a different way and I have had to reduce the milage to allow them to recover, so that in itself is a pointer that I am doing it right, you just have to get used to having good and bad days, and accept it until eventually when muscles adapt it becomes the norm.

I tend to start by doing butt kicks and full foot hops, mimicking skipping just to get the feel, and then set off and gradually pick up the pace by tilting slightly forward, then once it's comfortable come back to the vertically aligned stance. Then keep adjusting a bit like being on uni cycle, so the whole body tilts and then you come back up gradually, keep doing this, a bit like changing gear in a car.

Zero drop shoes are a must, only this or barefoot will give a true representation of what you are trying to find.

As for does it work, well I have been trying to break 39.14, for 10K since 2013 here are the statistics:

2013---39.14 (PB)
2017---38.44 (New PB)

Also I have week after the 10K I PB broke my 5K PB, taking it from 18.53 to 18.50.

This is just the beginning, I'm confident that these times will come down even more, I genuinely feel exited about my running now, and it's all thanks to OYF.

Melvin Lilley @ 23rd November 2017 05:36:59

Hi Keith,

I thought I'd let you know of my progress. I did have a big problem and the end of a 10k race and then in the middle of a half marathon.

In both cases I had a really sharp incredible pain in a calf and it totally seized up, I could hardly even walk. I saw a really good physio who thought that in both cases it was probably caused by a problem with my sciatic nerve. He gave me a very simple exercise to "floss" the nerve and a week later I was walking fine!

I took the opportunity to rest, continue with the exercises and then build my weekly mileage back up slowly while focusing on my running form and visualising my heel coming straight up.

The difference has been amazing, I can run further and faster with less effort so can train more. I am now sprinting on the track and keeping up with guys 20 years younger than me, the coach there always comments on how good my running form looks.

Most amazing to me is that now I am not over striding it has completely eliminated all aches and stiffness above the knee. I have a long commute to work and the day after a tough track session or a long run I would really struggle to get out of the car and with getting up and down steps. Now when I get out of the car I don't even feel like I've been for a run.

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