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Shoes for all occasions

  • This is list is by no means exhaustive and we welcome suggestions for including other models - from any manufacturer.
  • Our suggestions are based purely on the construction of the shoe.
  • For inclusion here the shoe must conform to the requirements we list in the book: Flat (no drop), Thin (Max 10mm), Flexible and preferably with a one-piece sole.


If you are changing technique or shoes (and they will change your technique) you will use a different range of muscles and your body needs sufficient time to adjust. While you undergo this body rebuilding you will need to greatly reduce the distance and intensity of your runs. Start with just one or two Kilometres, take at least a day off between runs and allow your muscles (especially your calf muscles) to adapt.

For more information read the book and especially the Foot Strengthening secion (which also has videos).

Running shoe

Prio by Xero Shoes - for men and women

Mens Prio from Xero Shoes

We love these shoes

Most of Keith's clients move into these.

They feel a little less flexible than some other minimalist shoes but once you have worn them for a few days they are perfect. Clients love them too!

If you run well, these should last for years - and being flat, thin and flexible they will not interfere with your running action.

Here is a short video of us running in the Prio

Mens Prio running shoe

Ladies Prio running shoe

Prio shoe review by Heidi

Prio shoe review by Keith

Xero Shoes website

Xero Shoes on Facebook

Xero Shoes on YouTube

Running shoe

Primalevo by Tadeevo Shoes

Primalevo by Tadeevo Shoes

Well worth a look. Well constructed and very flexible.

Some less experienced runners might find that they feel a little thin on the road (5mm stack height).

In the book we suggest that running shoes should be between 5mm and 10mm depending on your skill level and the terrain.

Tadeevo website

Running, Fitness Shoe


Vibrams - go for one-piece sole

Comment by Keith

Obviously, at first, these look a little odd but the concept and feel are great and I have worn them on and off for years.

Some of the soles are over-complicated in that they are made of multiple parts so if possible go for a model with a one-piece rubber-style sole.

Heidi and I wear these mostly in cold weather or where the ground is a little rough. I have raced well in them and they are just superb for trail running. The bulkier ones are thicker-soled and so are more comfortable if the trail is particularly stony but they tend to be a bit 'clunky' on the road.

So a great choice for trail walking, trail running, cold weather training and racing if your technique is good.

There are a wide range of models - too many to show here

Best to do a Google Search for'Vibram'

Casual shoe

Mens Hana by Xero Shoes

Mens Hana from Xero Shoes

Comment from Keith:

Simply superb. Ultra comfortable shoe that looks great.

When I had them on test I was stopped at the airport by another traveller who wanted to know where to get them!

No problem running for the bus in these - fast!

Here is the YouTube review I made

Here is the YouTube review Heidi made.

Check them out here:

Mens Hana casual shoe

Xero Shoes website

Xero Shoes on Facebook

Xero Shoes on YouTube

Shoes for Work, School, Casual, Hiking

Minimal shoes from Vivobarefoot

VivoBarefoot RA

Almost every patient of Heidi's and every running client of Keith's end up wearing VivoBarefoot shoes.

The Men's RA shown here are Keith's favourite but they also make trainers, walking boots and running shoes - we find the running shoes generally have a sole that's a little too hard and they don't hug the foot so well under the arch but we love them for day use.

One problem reported (and experienced by Keith) is that the shoe tends to split where the sole and the upper join after extended use.



Amuri Z-Trek sandals by Xero Shoes

Amuri Z-Trek sandal

These are the most comfortable sandals ever!

They are a little tricky to adjust at first but the bonus is they are very adjustable so you are sure of a good fit.

The adjustment takes a bit of getting used to but since everyone usually has two different sized feet, this adjustment is a great advantage.

The main thing apart from looking good is they are completely flat (zero drop) and only 5.5mm thick.

Men's Sandal

Lady's Sandal

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