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Book for sale

(13 Oct 2018)

The book is ready for sale on a number of Amazon sites worldwide and from Australia via this website (we will despatch as soon as they arrive from the printer). Kindle and Epub formats are expected to be ready in the next few days.

Second Edition Complete!

(13 Oct 2018)

The book is completed and is being reviewed on Amazon.com now. It is also at the printers here in Australia (Amazon.com will not send books to Australia so we need to print here for worldwide distribution). As soon as Amazon finish their review the print version will be available from there and UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan. The Kindle version should be ready in a few days - and the epub version too. We are having some technical difficulties with the PDF which will be downloadable from our website - more as it happens.

Second Edition update

(10 Oct 2018)

Final read through completed. A few small word changes and it is ready. It goes to the editor first thing tomorrow - it looks great and reads very well. We believe it to be the most comprehensive running book ever

Book Sales

Available worldwide on Amazon and direct from the authors

Available now on Amazon, awaiting printing in Sydney

Older Yet faster edition 2

Printed versions are available here:

Amazon UK
Amazon Germany
Amazon France
Amazon Spain
Amazon Italy
Amazon Japan
For other areas please order direct from us (see below) - delivery worldwide - immediate despatch

Direct from the authors

Paperback: $60.00 + $5.00 postage, worldwide (Australian dollars)

ISBN: 978-0-9941921-7-2

We awaiting copies from the printers.
You may order now and we will post your copy immediately we receive our order.
This might be by Saturday 20th October, but could be a week later.

PDF : $30.00 (Australian dollars)

ISBN: 978-0-9941921-4-1

Available soon

Ebooks available soon

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