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Edition Two update

(13 Apr 2018)

The second edition went for initial editing in December and the small changes suggested resulted in considerable re-organisation of chapters plus the creation of Appendices for Coaches and Podiatrists. The second edit resulted in further additions and took us through to February 2018. Our final editor has just finished a structural analysis which resulted in some further additions and improvements and now it is in the final editing and formatting stage. Our editor will be carrying out a substantive edit and then, after we revise the substantive edit, a final copy edit. Then, after final approval, the document will be formatted for printing, followed by a final proofread. After that, the other formats (PDF and ebook) will be created. We estimate this will take about 8 weeks as our editor is busy with other jobs. The final product will be near-perfect so we are happy to wait :-)

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