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Older Yet Faster Publications Pty Ltd

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Old Yet Faster. Run smoother, faster ... further

Optimum running technique for speed and injury prevention

Older Yet Faster

Based on Keith's highly successful technique-change sessions, this book deals with a runner's number one enemy. It shows what it is, what damage it causes, and how to fix it so you can run smoother, faster, and further.

Backed up with strengthening exercises by podiatrist Heidi Jones, and tips to aid your transition, this is your ticket to more successful, less injury-prone running. Lessons, drills and exercises are backed up with beautifully drawn illustrations by Ainsley Knott, Bristol, UK

There are printed and ebook formats, and later there will be a partner Iphone App (and later an Android App too).

Readers also have access to online videos of the foot-strengthening exercises and the technique-change lessons - in progress (partially complete).

The book is available on Amazon.com, Smashwords.com and direct from this website.

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